Life treats all of us differently and everyone receives his/her share of success at varying ages. Some have it very early in life, remember those kids with fortunes that could last a lifetime? Others on the other hand don’t quite make it till later in life. We take a look at ten people who found success past the age of 40.

Charles Darwin

Darwin laid the foundation for his work, the origin of species when he was 50 years old. Yes, he didn’t always have those scientific evolution thoughts. Darwin was a geologist and naturalist who came up with the survival of the fittest concept. He was however not in very good terms with the church at his time and was persecuted for bringing out his theory of evolution. He pursued it for about 20 years.

Winston Churchill

Churchill was a lot of things; a politician, a diplomat, a soldier and a correspondent. Churchill went through three failed attempts to join the royal military academy. However, he later got admitted into the cavalry section rather than the infantry which he wanted. However, he went on to become UK’s prime minister for two terms between 1940 and 1955.

Harry Bernstein

Bernstein gained worldwide fame at the age of 96 when he wrote his novel, The Invisible Wall: A Love Story That Broke Barriers in the year 2007. The novel follows the story of the divide between Christians and Jews and the poverty-stricken childhoods. Bernstein stated during this period that the older he got, the more alive the years became. The book also details the periods of hid young age going through racial discrimination.

Stan Lee

He is the owner of Marvel Comics. Stanley is also a comic maker, film producer and writer. Born Stanley Martin Lieber, he changed his name to Stan Lee and spent much time in the US during the great depression. He is credited with the development of characters such as Spiderman who are easily lovable by the target audience.

Taikicho Mori

Mori’s early years were spent in the field of academics. However, at the age of 51, Taikicho Mori turned to real estate investments and quit his academic job as an economics tutor. By the year 1992, his investment portfolio had made him the world’s richest man. He is best known as a modest man who avoided being in the limelight.

Harland Sanders

Sanders was the founder of KFC and is also the man who appears on the company’s logo. Sanders started the whole franchising concept by opening the first KFC franchise in Utah. The first KFC outlet was in Corbin, Kentucky and only served fried chicken. To date, the franchise has more than 18,000 restaurants all over the world.

Henry Ford

Henry was fascinated by the workings of equipments. He taught himself how watches functioned, how automobiles ran and so on. He may not have discovered the automobile but definitely played a very significant role in developing and shaping the modern transport industry. He is closely associated with the development of the motorcar assembly line.

Jack Weil

Jack invented the cowboy hat past the age of 40, precisely at 45 years of age. He is also famous for having worked every single day of his 107 year lifetime. He is basically credited with coming up with the ‘western’ look.