Ten qualities of successful musicians

Successful people in every field have habits that define them. The routines and choices they have become accustomed to and which are an integral part of their successful careers. This applies to the music industry as well. While the traits we mention might not fully apply to every single successful musician out there, they are a general guideline to the habits exhibited by most of them.


That probably sounds like cliché but in such a dynamic industry, one really needs the patience to go through the hurdles. It is basically the trait that enables successful musicians to release tracks at the right time and not just because they are done producing a hot track. Timing is very important in the music industry and for you to reap the full benefits of this, you require waiting and watching till the time is right.


This basically means that successful musicians are able to do the same thing over and over without their energy declining. While this may sound simple, it is far from it. Having to carry out a routine with the same energy requires much endurance. Without this, you will lose focus and your career will be adversely affected.


The best in the industry have found a way for their money to work for them instead of them working for the money. When the profits start to rise, it is wise to invest in other projects besides your own music to supplement the cash sources. This means that you can be comfortable knowing that you are making money even while you are asleep.

Have a thick skin

You really need to have a thick skin. You will have fans who boo you during a performance while others hurl unfriendly comments and insults. This really is not for the faint-hearted. Develop a wall around the negative comments but accommodate the constructive criticism. For the negative ones, learn how to take them lightly and let go.


Successful musicians have learnt the habit of being true to their word. If they make deals or agreements with other parties, honor demands that the deal be honored when time comes. The entertainment industry is not short of tales about deals gone badly. Honor is a strong virtue in a world where it is virtually non-existent.


Successful artists have developed a problem solving mindsets. Since it is very difficult to control all aspects related to a musical career, sometimes problems arise and need to be solved on the spot. Lack of a problem-solving mindset could cause the issues to overwhelm the artists and trust me in the industry, issues are not few.



Use facts

The entertainment industry in general is always full of rumors, false information and theories. However, successful musicians have always found a way to work with truth and facts rather than relying on grapevine rumors.

Pay attention to details

The industry includes agreements, contracts, and deals and so on. Take time to go through these with a keen eye paying attention to detail. Every successful musician has a legally qualified person to go through such documents to make sure that all interests of their client are protected.

Social skills

This includes communication, respect, trust and courtesy. You would think its easy to do but most musicians lack even the most basic of these skills. Successful musicians however realize that the public is the source of their fan base which is in turn the source of their income. They have then invested in developing their social skills.


This one has to be there. People never really love a proud person. Humility has taken people places, for evidence, look at most of the best-established musicians out there.