Career changes happen for a variety of reasons and come in many forms. You may have chosen to or you may have been forced to make a change. Most times it isn’t too late to make a career change. So many people have proven that you can succeed in a new career even at a very advanced age. However, before taking the plunge, you need to make several considerations;

Do you have a strong network?

Making a career change requires you to have a very stroing professional network for a number of reasons. One, you need people to help make your transition as seamless as possible. These are people with experience in the field that you are joining. They will help you save much time that you would otherwise waste adapting to the new career. If you do not have such a network, a career change could still succeed but will be way harder. Such a network would include friends, family, former business associates, or those you have met in your current career.

Are you willing to practice?

While a career change may not necessarily involve a new line of work, when it does, you will need to put in many hours of practice. This is because you will be competing with people who have more experience in that field more than you do and are thus highly favored by customers. For many career paths though, sufficient practice gets you to the level of the best in the industry. Have an aim to surpass the best.

Do you have a financial cushion?

You need this for two reasons. First is that everything new has the very possible outcome of going awfully wrong. Your career change may not go exactly as you had planned and you may find yourself having to survive on money from your own sources. Secondly, if you are leaving employment to start your own business, then you will definitely require startup capital, sometimes depending on the type of business; this could be quite a hefty amount.

What is the change?

Career changes come in many forms. You could be leaving employment for entrepreneurship, leaving one firm for another in the same career or leaving one job for another. These changes all come with their own requirements and you therefore need to assess what exactly you require to make the change effective. Do you need to move houses, change states and so on?

Have you researched sufficiently?

Every change requires sufficient information to avoid major setbacks. Before engaging on a career change, ask yourself how much you know about you new career. How profitable is the business you want to start, what does it require? Answering the most pressing questions about the change will help you put the career change into perspective and make an informed choice regarding the feasibility of making the career change. If you need to, consult an experienced career advisor. They may just have information stemming from their experience that you might not possess.